From eye-rolling and growling, to blogging. Line crossed.

Hello friends.

Today, as the temp. crossed from “holy crap it’s a hot one” to “someone please knock me out with a frying pan and drag me ┬áto the river” record highs, I too crossed some kind of line between complaining and OKAY ALREADY, I need to do something.

I’m no scholar. Yeah, I went to Oberlin. Read me some feminist stuff, took in some Gender Pysch, listened to some Ani. And it scared the hell outta me that I’d reached age 21 with the wool pulled over my eyes about what I was a part of. What was going on. And how almost impossible it was to see before the wake-up calls. I’m still learning. Still waking up. Still nervous about speaking up, using the wrong terms, getting into a challenging dialogue where I’m out of my league.

But there’s no denying (hard as I try) the simple truth: if you’re not a part of the solution, you are a part of the problem.

I’m a woman living in the United States in 2011, and this my experience, a request for your experience, a free public rebroadcasting of anything that seems to Matter in terms of invisible, un-noticed, taken-for-granteds that hurt people. As my peers are having babies or thinking about it, I’m thinking more and more about what I can do as a teacher, an artist, an American voter, and an armchair activist to save their daughters from getting screwed out of a full, safe, just life, and their sons from suffering the disabling roles required of them to maintain the status quo.

I’m not into hate. Or projecting my insecurities or bias onto others. Or being ever righteously Right. And like most actual Feminists, i do NOT HATE MEN. What a pathetic (yet effective) strategy to kill a movement. I just want to pass on stuff I was privileged enough to be let in on, in hopes that it contributes to awareness – as uncomfortable as it may be.

My hope/expectation for any facebook or blog followers that are in the non-flag waving PROUD FEMINIST category will experience an arc that sounds like:

“ha ha. I still think that’s funny. I don’t belong on this list.”

“hmmm. But, I mean… I don’t really get that. Huh.”

“Wow, that’s f***ed up.”

“Wow, this (the Way Things Are) is not okay with me.”

And hopefully, together, we take it from there. Peace, and thanks for checking this out.